'Sally' is the hypothetical 'perfect girl'. She doesn't have many characteristics, but those she possesses are important.

They are (in no particular order):

  • She loves you back.
  • She likes to talk and listen.
  • She enjoys arguments.
  • She likes to push you on swings, be pushed by you on swings, and generally enjoys swings.
  • She is pretty in a 'DHM' sort of way.

These are known as the Five Points of Sally or 'FPS'.

A 'Sally' is a rare sight in the world. If you find her, treat her carefully, because she deserves anything you can give her and more. Sally is one of those people who can do no wrong, even if she can, because you cannot blame her (and I mean CANNOT). It is simply imposible, even if SHE feels guilty, for you to blame her. Don't ask me why, just accept I know what this feels like.

Sally is hypothetical (though of course she doesn't have to be), but not imaginary.